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HSTNN-IB20 HP Battery for DV8000, DV8100, DV8200, DV8300

Manufacturer: Compaq/HP
This is a genuine brand new original 8 Cell 63 Whr Li-Ion Battery for HP DV8000, DV8100, DV8200 & DV8300 Laptop series.

Replaces HP Part #s: HSTNN-IB20, HSTNN-DB20, HSTNN-OB20, 395789-141, 395789-001, 395789-002, 395789-003, 396008-001, 403808-001, EF419A, EG417AA.

Compatible Models:

HP Pavilion DV8000: DV8000t, DV8000z, DV8002ea, DV8005ea, DV8010ea, DV8013cl, DV8013xx, DV8025ea, DV8026ea, DV8027ea, DV8028ea, DV8029ea, DV8030ea, DV8035ea, DV8040ca, DV8040us, DV8040xx, DV8045ea, DV8050ea, DV8051ea, DV8075ea, DV8088us, DV8099xx, DV80xxus.

HP Pavilion DV8100: DV8102ea, DV8110us, DV8113cl, DV8113ea, DV8114ea, DV8116ea, DV8117ea, DV8120ca, DV8125nr, DV8130us, DV8133ea, DV8135ea, DV8135nr, DV8140us, DV8155ea, DV8173ea, DV8175ea, DV8176ea, DV8177ea, DV8178ea, DV8179ea, DV8195ea, DV8197ea, DV8199ea.

Compaq Pavilion DV8200: DV8201tx, DV8202tx, DV8203tx, DV8204tx, DV8205tx, DV8206tx, DV8207tx, DV8208ea, DV8208tx, DV8209tx, DV8210ca, DV8210ea, DV8210tx, DV8210us, DV8211ea, DV8211eu, DV8211tx, DV8212ea, DV8212tx, DV8213cl, DV8213ea, DV8213tx, DV8214ea, DV8214tx, DV8215ea, DV8215tx, DV8216tx, DV8217tx, DV8218ea, DV8218tx, DV8219ea, DV8220ca, DV8220ea, DV8220us, DV8221ea, DV8222ea, DV8223ea, DV8225ca, DV8225ea, DV8225nr, DV8226ea, DV8227ea, DV8228ea, DV8229ea, DV8230ca, DV8230ea, DV8230us, DV8231ea, DV8232ea, DV8233cl, DV8233ea, DV8235ea, DV8235nr, DV8240us, DV8251ea, DV8252eu, DV8253ea, DV8254ea, DV8256eu, DV8260ea, DV8261ea, DV8263ea, DV8275ea, DV8275la, DV8279ea, DV8280ea, DV8280us, DV8283ea, DV8284ea, DV8285ea, DV8286ea, DV8287ea, DV8288ea, DV8289ea, DV8289xx, DV8290ea, DV8291ea, DV8292ea, DV8293ea, DV8294ea, DV8295ea, DV8296ea, DV8297ea, DV8298ea, DV8298xx, DV8299xx.

Compaq Pavilion DV8300: DV8300tx, DV8301nr, DV8301tx, DV8302tx, DV8304tx, DV8305ca, DV8305tx, DV8305us, DV8306ea, DV8306tx, DV8307ea, DV8307tx, DV8308ea, DV8308tx, DV8309tx, DV8309us, DV8310ca, DV8310tx, DV8310us, DV8311tx, DV8312tx, DV8313tx, DV8314tx, DV8315ca, DV8315nr, DV8315tx, DV8316tx, DV8317ea, DV8317tx, DV8318ea, DV8318tx, DV8319tx, DV8320ca, DV8320ea, DV8320tx, DV8320us, DV8321ea, DV8321tx, DV8322ea, DV8323ea, DV8324ea, DV8325ea, DV8327ca, DV8327cl, DV8327ea, DV8327us, DV8328ca, DV8328ea, DV8330us, DV8333cl, DV8333ea, DV8335ea, DV8336ea, DV8338ea, DV8339us, DV8345ea, DV8354ea, DV8356ea, DV8357ea, DV8365ea, DV8369ea, DV8370ea, DV8371ea, DV8372ea, DV8373ea, DV8375ea, DV8375la, DV8377ea, DV8378ea, DV8379ea, DV8380ea, DV8380us, DV8382ea, DV8387ea, DV8389ea, DV8390ea, DV8391ea, DV8392ea, DV8393ea, DV8394ea, DV8395ea, DV8396ea, DV8397ea, DV8398ea, DV8399ea, DV8399xx.

Product Specifications:

Rating: 14.4V, 63 Whr, 4400 mAh

Cell: 8 Cells

Color: Black

Technology: Lit-Ion

Condition: Brand New

In Stock: Yes

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HSTNN-IB20 HP Battery for DV8000, DV8100, DV8200, DV8300 $99.00 Add to Cart

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